About Egyptian Cotton Collection!

Here at Egyptian Cotton Collection we have made it so easy for to buy Egyptian cotton products online, and delivered direct to your home or office. Egyptian cotton can be a bit confusing with all the different thread counts so we have organized our products into thread count categories to make it easy for you. The thread count determines the level of quality in Egyptian cotton as it is measured by the number of threads in the weft and the warp (width and length). General cotton can be as little as 150 while our bed in a bag sets start from 300 including a luxury 300 thread count alternative down comforter, and our superior Egyptian cotton sheets are available from 400 to 1500. This luxurious Egyptian cotton bedding range can now be part of your lifestyle from as little as $62.99 for a full sheet set and delivered free to you in the U.S. Be aware of advertisers that claim their Egyptian cotton bedding is the real deal, as many use gossamer to create a high thread count where we only use the finest extra long staple organic cotton grown on the banks of the Nile. We recognize quality and only use the finest quality in our collections. When it comes to design we have 100’s to choose from whether you have a contemporary style home, a more traditional home and we even have crib and children’s collections, so your little ones can sleep easy in natural, soft, hypo-allergenic bed linen. Our products are all made to guarantee a snug fit. Our fitted sheets all have extra deep pockets to fit deep mattresses, and elastic all around the edge, our flat sheets have double stitching on the finish that looks classy, and even our pillow shams have extra material on the flaps to ensure your pillow stays in place.

The design team we work with are renowned for creating sophisticated designs and colors and some are reversible, so you can change the look of your room in minutes. Not only do we stock Egyptian cotton bedding but also luxury towels that absorb moisture quicker than any other material, a variety of bathrobes and also bed wear and like all Egyptian cotton it will get softer after each wash and last you a long time. It is not long ago that Egyptian cotton was only affordable by the wealthy but today you and your family can enjoy a bit of luxury in your home even on a budget.



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