Beautiful Bedrooms With Yellow Hints!

Using some yellow in the bedroom can add real zip to a tired looking room. You can either use it on the floors, walls, or on your bedding to ensure your room gets an updated lift. If your room has lots of natural light then go for a pale yellow that will compliment it with out making it too bright, and at night it will give a soothing atmosphere.

People tend to associate yellow bedrooms with young people, however you can easily combine it with more subtle tones that are deeper to add a sophisticated feel. If you keep the walls plain and use your bedding for the color splashes then it is easy to update or change the look whenever you want.

Yellow works well with lots of neutrals and pastels and will enhance a feeling of warmth into the tones. If you mix it with other bright or bold colors you will instantly bring the room alive.

As yellow is a bright color and can be quite dominating, once introduced into the theme you must keep the walls and the rest of the space fairly neutral. This room below is quite compact but the organization and control show that plain really works. Keep furniture to a neutral color and you have a trendy unfussy bedroom with a bright outlook.

Yellow touches can bring instant brightness to your room and add some character. This wall paper below adds a lovely warm glow to the rest of the subtle tones.

In a plain room create a focal point by choosing a piece of furniture that will really stand out, like this pale yellow piece of furniture below, or add a yellow rug or paint a wall plain yellow.

If you keep the walls white or neutral then you can focus on changing the bedding to make a different look. You can even paint the furniture to adapt to your chosen theme. This teen bedroom below looks bright and breezy but could easily be changed with out too much effort or cost.

In any room it is really important to assess the light factor. Light will make a huge difference to your color scheme, so make sure you really love your colors as they will appear different in your room than in a magazine or photo.

A point to remember is that color and light can help you change the way your room appears in size and lightness. If you want your room to look larger then choose a pale yellow that will reflect and hold onto any natural light and for a cozier feel choose a deeper tone to draw in the walls.


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