Beautiful Neutral and White Bedrooms!

Go all neutral and white for a bright yet relaxing bedroom! White and neutral sounds a bit plain and bland but as you read this post and see the images you’ll see how versatile this color scheme can be from elegant to glamorous.

Very pale shades of stone like grey and white will turn your room into a relaxing and restful place and also give it a good versatile base if you wish to add color later. Another idea is to add interest to the walls, like these alcove shelves with carefully chosen accessories.

If your room is all white then opt for bed linen that is made of  high quality materials like Egyptian cotton with its smart crisp designs and welcoming appeal.

To keep in with the white theme invest in fitted wardrobes that blend into the room without dominating it. Mirrored or plain white will also capture any natural daylight giving the room a brighter feel.

If your room is lacking space then opt for smaller furniture and utilize any space as storage like the unit underneath the window that can also be seating. Try to incorporate a large mirror to reflect light as this will automatically give a more airy feel.

If you want a more glamorous look then add metallic to the room either on the bed frame itself like below or on the walls, in fabrics like cushions,  or add accessories like vases and lamps. Metallic’s really compliment white.

An all white room looks great when the bed is over dressed. Add lots of layers with different textures for a luxury look and a fluffy rug for that extra rich feel.

If your bedroom is very spacious then bring it together with the odd dash of color like this room below. Add cushions or a funky chair in either a pale or bold color and layer throws or blankets to add warmth and texture.

When choosing to have a white room then choosing quality bed linen is a must. Egyptian cotton collection offers the highest quality 100% Egyptian cotton bed in a bag collections that are silky to touch, kind to your skin and get softer and softer after each wash.

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