Beautiful Traditional Bedroom Ideas!

If you are thinking of re-designing your bedroom with a more traditional theme then look at these styles below! Traditional doesn’t always have to mean old fashioned, it can be done with a modern twist that will turn your bedroom into a cozy, welcoming place yet offers some sophisticated style.

Metallics are so in at the moment so you could spray paint your focal point, the bed, to give it an instant uplift and buy new crisp bedding to dress it with. If you want to keep your old furniture then clean them with beeswax and have any rugs dry cleaned to get them looking pristine with out loosing the look.

If you have a contemporary style home but want to bring some traditional style to your bedroom then opt for a sleek 4 poster. Your room should have generous space so you can place the bed out of the center so it doesn’t take over the floorspace. This 4 poster below is a contemporary take on an old fashion luxurious tradition.

Dark wood automatically brings an old world feel to a bedroom along with a regal touch. The paneled walls add to the period look and also some interest. Paneled walls have lots of advantages as they can be repainted easily for an instant update. Choose crisp white bedlinen to finish off the whole ambiance.

Powder blue and cream date back centuries and always bring an antique effect if they are teamed with an old fashioned bed and to compliment the look add a queen Anne chair. These colors alongside the right furniture will always bring an air of sophistication too a bedroom!

For a coastal bedroom ditch the blue and add some green to the white wood work, it will bring a refreshing atmosphere as well as bringing some karma.

Large florals are generally associated with a feminine room but if they are mixed cleverly with the right furniture they create a lovely traditional olde English style design.

If you have the right bed then decorate it with an old fashion cover in a dark color like midnight blue to give that hint of old tradition just like granny used to do. Teamed with natural wooden floors, plain walls it will take center stage against the modern background.

There are lots of ways to turn your room into a more traditional style. Buy second hand pieces that will add a vintage feel, and don’t always match them up. Be eclectic in your choices if you have a plain background to work on.  Be careful with your bedding choice and go for quality bed linen like Egyptian cotton that will never date, and layer up your bed with cushions and throws just like back in the old days. Having a quilt set on its own will look boring so to make it look rich you need layers. Also if you do decorate your wall with art work opt for black and whites or gilt frames.


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