Bedroom Design

Your bedroom design has to be thought through carefully as it’s more than somewhere just to lay your head, it is a personal haven that needs furnishing carefully. Below are some great bedroom design ideas for those of you thinking of revamping your bedroom or designing from scratch.

The first points in bedroom design are to add character with furniture but don’t over crowd it, create warmth and depth with luxury bedding, drapes and cushions and invest in a good quality mattress. Start by drawing your bedroom with several different versions of your new bedroom ideas, like moving furniture around until something clicks for you.

Choosing a color scheme is probably the most important point in bedroom design as this will effect light and space also. Bright colors are associated with fun, also they can also update a room and add warmth to a cold room. Serene greens and soft blues add a natural calming effect to a bedroom but don’t really give it much energy, so add a bright shade on one wall or use printed wallpaper.

Totally white bedroom design is a definite no as it is too clinical and unwelcoming. White always needs some neutrals for a relaxing ambiance, or something bold like red for a more contemporary bedroom design. Yellow can instantly lift a bedroom but be careful on the tone as bright yellow tends to be too overpowering, especially in well lit bedrooms.

Your bed is the main focal point so you’ll need to dress it accordingly. Investing in quality bedding like Egyptian cotton is the best idea. Apart from it always looking good, it improves with each wash so it will last you longer. Storage is a major problem in bedroom design so try to slim down your wardrobes and buy an ottoman for the end of your bed, they look great and have loads of storage space.

We hope you have enjoyed our bedroom design tips, and gained a little inspiration! Revamping a bedroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune but investing in a good mattress and bedding is a must.



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