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Create Your Most Comfortable Dwelling Place Ever

Egyptian Cotton 1500 Sheets

Research shows that most adults are awake for 16 hours each day.  The physical activities for each individual vary but they do need something in common and that is to sleep.  Ideally, every individual should get at least 8 hours of sleep per day.  Contrary to common myth, sleep doesn’t decline with age.  There are other factors that contribute why a person doesn’t get enough sleep.

Sleep is our body’s rest cycle.  During sleep all our voluntary muscles are inactive and our senses and motor activity are suspended.   Sleeping is very important as it our body’s way to recharge and renew the energy we need to perform everyday activities.

Lack of sleep may lead to poor memory and learning ability.  Sleep deprivation may also cause weight gain by affecting the way our body processes and stores energy.  Lack of sleep may also result in irritability, mood swings, inability to focus, and impatience.  Often times a person without getting the proper amount of sleep needed feels tired.  Sleep deprivation also alters our immune function which may lead to health concerns such as hypertension and increased stress hormones.

There are many self help guides available to help a person get better sleep.  Some of the most common tips are to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating well, keeping yourself hydrated, and having regular exercise.  Minimizing your intake of caffeine or alcohol late in the day is also advised.  Some experts say a person should try to get their body to get used to sleeping at the same time each night.  Also, do not take naps during the day as this may make one more active at night.

Other common ways to get better sleep is to relax your mind and try not to think or worry about things.  Reading a book, listening to music or taking a bath are some ways to keep your mind relaxed and ready for sleeping.  On top of all, you should make your bedroom comfortable and inviting for a good night sleep.

Luxury bamboo sheet setA comfortable sleeping bedroom is very important and choosing the right products to create this environment is crucial.  There are so many products to choose from in the market which is why it’s crucial to choose a product that offers both comfort and quality.  Egyptian Cotton Collection gives you the best of both worlds.

The pillows and comforters at Egyptian Cotton Collection are made of organic materials such as Egyptian cotton.  This is known for it’s longer and narrower fiber compared to other cottons.  These fibers are breathable and it becomes softer over time.  It is also light weight and very durable that could last for years.  Since its materials are organic, it is also safe and allergen free.

Create a comfortable dwelling place for you and your family using Egyptian Cotton Collection.


Colorful Bedroom Ideas

Below are some colorful bedroom ideas I’ve chosen for those who wish to brighten up their room. I realize not everyone wants a soothing calming space to  sleep in, but also not a bright loud space so I’ve carefully chosen what I would call classy colorful bedrooms that can easily be adapted.

If you are budget conscious then it’s important to choose an adaptable design. Also if you get a little bored with your color scheme you can easily revamp it with simple accessories like a new color cushion cover, pillow cases and bed spread. For example instead of the red here on this black and white background, why not have purple or green for a change. Let your mood enhance your room color.


This room speaks modern yet quite manly, so my guess is it’s a bachelors bedroom. I like the block effect though and the artwork makes it very unique. The geometric touches with solid walls bring the decor together perfectly.


This bedroom appears to have a spa feel to it thanks to the browns and blue hues. The solid mix of colors really works here, I especially love the blue that could accept a hint of bright pink for me in the form of fluffy scatter cushions to jazz it up a bit.


This timeless design has a vintage feel while still being trendy. I think it’s down to the colors, I love the green touches and the wall art with black and white bedding. Hints of classic style with modern touches really works for me in this bedroom.


Romance is in the air for the owner/owners of this romantic red bedroom. It’s rather striking but has soft touches that make it welcoming. The red wall, hint of red on the classic white bedding and wall art ooze sophisticated romance.

colorfulbedrooms5Image source:

I just love this nature inspired bedroom that has surely been created from memories of wonderful outdoor scenery. The white drapes around the bed give this bedroom a touch of regal quality, I imagine the owners of this room like high quality n everything.

colorfulbedrooms6Image source:

I wouldn’t have really chosen such a vivid color for the walls of a bedroom but I actually like it a lot. I think the secret here is that the designer chose the bed and accessories very carefully so the color on the walls wouldn’t overwhelm the rest of the room. A clever design in my opinion by Erinn Valencich.

colorfulbedrooms7Image source:

So, there you have 7 of my favorite colorful bedrooms, all totally unique and all offering  a different feel. Which one is your favorite I know which is mine.

Written exclusively for Egyptian Cotton Collection by Belinda Regan


Dream Bedrooms by Candice Olson

Candice Olson is the mistress of design, so here I wanted to celebrate some of her before and after dream bedrooms. I notice that in all of these fabric makes a statement which is why I particularly enjoyed writing this post and finding the great images. Our Egyptian cotton products wouldn’t look out of place here in any of these rooms….maybe she has already used some!

Candice Olson5

This dull bedroom is really just a total waste of good space. I love what Candice did here to utilize the area into a stunning bedroom to die for. This room now has a calm aura about it, where you would love to spend the day lounging around.

Candice Olson5b

I love the color scheme here as it’s just timeless. The floor plan is so clever as it now incorporates a comfortable seating area with a desk giving it a luxury hotel room feel about it. Pure class with a hint of regality.

The next room is a very uninspiring man’s bedroom that is in desperate need of a revamp.

Candice Olson 1

Candice chooses to go eco-friendly here by using a low-VOC paint in a lovely mid blue color. All the fabrics are organic and even the carpet is made of recyclable materials. Check out our organic bedding. This room is now very welcoming and perfect for a gent with out being too manly. I love the fact it is also Earth friendly.

Candice Olsson 1b

The next room believe it or not belongs to extremely busy parents who obviously have not had the time or energy to turn their bedroom into a haven.

Candice Olson2

Candice must have had a field day here as there is practically no furniture and a great space to work with. She totally transformed it into a proper adult couple’s room offering solace at the end of a busy day. I love the shimmering damask bedding set and the built in storage.

Candice Olson2b

Well not much to say on this room except it reminds me of  a poor studio apartment back in the 1970’s. It actually belongs to a couple in desperate need of Candice’s help.


An amazing design here from nothing to a bedroom paradise with warm panels, contemporary furniture and subtle lighting. I could quite happily spend a day or two in here with room service.


The final room has a great quirky brick wall but the plaid bedding is a bit dated and there are no real features here at all for a good size space.

Candice Olson4

Candice turned this gorgeous room into something reminiscent of a Swiss chalet. I love the fire, the old world leather chair and rug. The color scheme exudes warmth, luxury and comfort.

Candice Olson4b

I hope you have been inspired by these refurbished bedrooms. It just goes to show how a dull and boring space can be brought to life with a bit of imagination and expertise. It is worth hiring an expert like Candice especially if you just don’t have the time and energy. Personally my bedroom is my haven so why not treat it like one!

By Belinda Regan for Egyptian Cotton Collection

Image source:

Romantic Bedroom Designs

Your bedroom is your individual space and so much more than just for rest. All bedroom design takes planning but  romantic bedrooms requires a certain amount of attributes. The basics are soft lighting, candles,  a comfortable, inviting bed, plump cushions and somewhere to put that all important bottle of wine.  After all bedrooms are really all about relaxing!

Most importantly you need to look after your body so use  high quality sheet sets like Egyptian cotton, as they are hypoallergenic, super soft and keep you cozy and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Another must are plump pillows.

Romantic bedrooms 1

Treat your windows with generous silk or velvet drapes. If they are a bit old fashioned for you then go for blinds made from soft material that create a black out when closed. Avoid anything made from hard materials, although black and dark materials are OK. Not all romantic bedrooms need to be frills and spills.

Treat yourselves to a nice big bed if you have the space. Try to keep your room uncluttered so only have in there what is needed. Office equipment and junk do not belong in a bedroom.

My Trick to a Romantic bedroom is to think of your five senses….

Sight – You have to create a haven here, so when you walk into your room you need to instantly relax. So great color combinations are a must. You don’t always have to go for the soft touch as I said before dark colors and splashes of bright can work too.


Smell – The smell of your room is so important, but I wouldn’t go for anything too flowery. Opt for vanilla and musky scented candles, they’ll look nice too.


Touch – Going back to bedding you need to have super soft bedding with fluffy pillows. If it’s the winter time a goose down comforter is a must to keep cozy and warm. Fluffy and sateen scatter cushions would also add a nice touch.

Hear –  For a truly romantic time you need back ground music. There’s so much mobile technology around these days and some really smart compact docking stations so there’s no need to clutter up the room.

Romantic bedroom with champagen

Taste. There’s nothing nicer than taking a bottle of wine with nibbles to bed and shutting the world out for a night. Even better if it’s a special occasion champagne.

Romantic Bedrooms5

 For this type of look you could decorate in neutral shades, add a few tone on tone materials and add a touch of mettalic.

There’s lots of choice as you can see for romantic bedrooms, you just need to think of your senses!

Written by Belinda Regan for Egyptian Cotton collection.



Bedroom Designs in Blue and White!

Have you ever thought the colors blue and white could create beautiful bedroom designs. If you want to create a bedroom design that’s invigorating when you wake up but calming when you want to chill out or go to sleep? Blue’s are the perfect choice, and with the right accessories and tones you’ll love it!

It’s a great idea to mix your blue shades against a white background.You could also change accessories like cushions and throws easily to give it an instant lift. The blue blinds will bring a lovely calming hue in this room for chill out time.

Pure white against a deep navy looks fabulous and crisp. This color combination could work well with a contemporary or traditional bedroom design. We particularly love the painted for poster bed, very chic!

We adore this room, it looks so inviting! The lovely blue shades make it look modern, but the pretty chaise gives this bedroom design a hint of the traditional. It’s not totally white on the walls but the subtle pattern works well.

This modern bedroom design looks great with the blue square panel finishing it off! It works great with the bed style and the contemporary style furniture.

This design is great for a room with out much space. The glazed sliding wardrobes will save on important space and also reflect light. A thin framed mirror on the wall may be a good idea here also. Again quite a contemporary room but with accessories could easy by changed.

Lovely inviting bedroom design with pale blue and calming neutral tones. Choosing a color scheme in a traditional style bedroom is a careful process because you don’t want to move away from the period look. Blues are naturally calming but can seem quite cool unless mixed with the right partners to make it more relaxing. The combination here works perfectly.

Blue and white will always look fresh and clean. Add some natural foliage, wood and natural textures and it will be your haven! When thing of a bedroom design remember to always invest in good quality bedding like Egyptian cotton to finish it off. Even if you are on a budget investing in quality bedding will always make your bedroom design look even better.

Bohemian Bedrooms!

Designing a bohemian style bedroom is a great way to give old furniture new life and get creative with accessories and decor. For those of you who prefer colored patterns and different textures to minimalist style then bohemian is for you.  Throughout the centuries bohemian style  has changed but the fact remains it will always be rebellious to rules or order like mixing new things with old and expensive with inexpensive. The original bohemians were travelers who paid no attention to and ignored local rules and traditions pretty much like the style today.

Metallics are back in trend so add gilt mirrors or even paint your bedstead like this one below. The queen Anne style table sits perfectly with the old chest of drawers, the gilt mirror and the modern style windows. The bed itself is the focal point and again is antique style but with modern day bedding.

A bohemian style bedroom needs to be carefully planned and look chic or it can look too messy. Designing this type of bedroom can be a wonderful experience and a way to express your personality. This style of bedroom is also quite easy to achieve! Most people who live in a bohemian style home  generally live their daily lives in an eccentric way and tend to not follow the norm.

The bed and the side table works well with the modern wooden floor, and the deep blue eiderdown brings a touch of luxury with hints of the past, resulting in a sophisticated look.

Choosing antique furniture and paint it white to update it, is the easiest route to a modern touch. Add some embroidered bedding, an old fashioned chest and french style antique drawers and you have the bohemian mix along with minimal white.

The great thing about this type of bedroom design is that you don’t have to have matching furniture. You can usually find interesting pieces in second hand or antique stores. The brass bed stead below makes a great focal point and the bedding adds to the glamor.

Bohemian bedrooms can look a little shabby so be careful not to add too much clutter, this will also make it easier to clean. If you stick to the eclectic rule then you should be able to create the bohemian look quite easily.



Bedroom Design

Your bedroom design has to be thought through carefully as it’s more than somewhere just to lay your head, it is a personal haven that needs furnishing carefully. Below are some great bedroom design ideas for those of you thinking of revamping your bedroom or designing from scratch.

The first points in bedroom design are to add character with furniture but don’t over crowd it, create warmth and depth with luxury bedding, drapes and cushions and invest in a good quality mattress. Start by drawing your bedroom with several different versions of your new bedroom ideas, like moving furniture around until something clicks for you.

Choosing a color scheme is probably the most important point in bedroom design as this will effect light and space also. Bright colors are associated with fun, also they can also update a room and add warmth to a cold room. Serene greens and soft blues add a natural calming effect to a bedroom but don’t really give it much energy, so add a bright shade on one wall or use printed wallpaper.

Totally white bedroom design is a definite no as it is too clinical and unwelcoming. White always needs some neutrals for a relaxing ambiance, or something bold like red for a more contemporary bedroom design. Yellow can instantly lift a bedroom but be careful on the tone as bright yellow tends to be too overpowering, especially in well lit bedrooms.

Your bed is the main focal point so you’ll need to dress it accordingly. Investing in quality bedding like Egyptian cotton is the best idea. Apart from it always looking good, it improves with each wash so it will last you longer. Storage is a major problem in bedroom design so try to slim down your wardrobes and buy an ottoman for the end of your bed, they look great and have loads of storage space.

We hope you have enjoyed our bedroom design tips, and gained a little inspiration! Revamping a bedroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune but investing in a good mattress and bedding is a must.


How to Achieve a Chic Bedroom Design!

Egyptian cotton can be incorporated into so many different bedroom designs especially a chic bedroom design, and just because it’s an ancient material doesn’t mean that you can’ t incorporate this wonderful cotton a trendy, contemporary home. See below some wonderful chic  bedroom designs that we feel would be suitable for our Egyptian cotton products.

Invest in a quality flooring as this can totally change a bedroom design. A lighter colored floor will reflect light and enhance a rooms size, however it will also need cleaning more frequently. A dark floor will save on cleaning but will make a bedroom seem much darker so the best option is to go for a practical medium tone like this one below.

If you are not keen on color in your bedroom design and prefer neutral tones then try to add a feature as neutral rooms can look quite boring. This bedroom design below has been given an uplift with the monogrammed wallpaper. It suits the style of the room but also adds some interest.

Natural materials always works in any room. This bedroom below has been turned into a natural haven. To achieve this look use wood, pure cotton like Egyptian cotton bedding, wool in the form of throws, and lots of natural light. You can never have too much of the real thing!

If you have a plain bedroom design then you can add interesting features, like a chandelier, luxury throws, textured cushions, and a chaise of chair like below. All these items add a touch of luxury to this bedroom but most importantly always invest in quality bedding like Egyptian Cotton as you really can tell the difference even by just looking.

Shutters are coming back into fashion so why not incorporate them into your bedroom design. These white shutters below look modern and perfectly suit this bedroom design. They also allow in natural light that makes this bedroom seem much larger.

The owner of this bedroom obviously takes space seriously. This bedroom design is contemporary yet with the walls all different shades of the same color it has some interest. Again you can see quality bedding has been included here and makes a world of difference.

As you can see neutral bedroom designs don’t have to be boring. With a little imagination you can update a featureless bedroom quite easily into a chic room with just a few changes

Light Ideas for Beautiful Bedrooms!

There are lots of quick and easy ways to brighten up a dark bedroom with some quick and easy steps. Bed linen is usually the main focal point of the bedroom so buying something light and bright that drapes well like ivory Egyptian cotton sheets and pillow cases or bamboo linen bedding will enhance the feel of your room and instantly brighten it up. Below are some great tips on quick and easy uplifts.

If your bedroom doesn’t have a lot of natural day light then add interesting mirrors or add a large lamp as a central point. The white washed floors and pale walls also help here to capture light and reflect it around the room.

When choosing a bed frame for a darker bedroom never choose anything solid as it will block light and also crowd the room. Always go for something more delicate like the see through one below so light can move around it. For even more light don’t have a bed frame at all. This bed frame is a great choice with the pastel bed linen and pale walls as it doesn’t take over the bedroom.

To lighten up a bed room instantly invest in some shimmering bed linen in a pale shade. Below the serene grey metallic bed linen captures the light while also bringing a calming effect.

Buy mirrors and hang them near the window and the effect will be quite dramatic. The light from the mirrors will also reflect from the white bed linen and never be lost in any furniture or even the mid blue duvet cover. The white walls and floors also help to give this bedroom a lovely light fresh feel.

An interesting idea is to tile a wall with light pastel colored mosiacs or choose a reflective wall paper in a pale color. The dreamy liliac color scheme also adds to the light finish in this relaxing bedroom.

Always remember that furniture can prevent light from reflecting around any room, and that heavy curtains can also prevent this. Glass furniture, lots of mirrors, bamboo blinds, light bed linen and pale walls and floors are just some of the key ingredients to a lighter brighter bedroom.

Minimalistic Bedroom Design Styles!

Are you looking to turn your bedroom into a modern haven? Creating a minimalist look does not always have to mean going ultra plain or creating a cold feel, see below for some great ideas and advice .

This room design is the perfect example of minimalist style with color. The dark grey on the walls is the color of the moment and adds some drama to the cream and coral.

There is nothing simpler than black and white. Keep everything white and choose a good quality black paint for the wall behind the bed and then top off the look with some black cushions.

This elegant master bedroom has a beautiful custom made headboard and surround making the bed the real focal point. The mahogany side tables add an art deco feel giving this room an air of sophistication.

This ultra modern open plan home has a cool bedroom pit that has been transformed into a classic minimal look. If you have generous space then you don’t have to have the bed against the wall to get the most out of the design.

Choose your bedroom furniture so it compliments the floor. Also choose bedlinen that blends into the color theme for a relaxing ambiance and smart design.

In a smaller space or dark room add some reflective glass to capture any natural light. The wardrobe doors here add clean lines  and cleverly create light just as a mirror normally would.

In this room the tones are a serene grey and white forming an air of space and calmness. The dark wood furniture adds some richness while the windows offer an abundance of natural light.

This gorgeous designer bedroom looks like it should belong in a Hollywood home. The shiny white flooring picks up the light while the light wood wall and gold bedding add warmth to this generous space.

These beautiful bedrooms with a minimalistic style all have their own personality, yet they all have no clutter, a well proportioned design and quality bedlinen. Quality bed linen is what finishes off the room, so opt for 100% Egyptian cotton that will not only look good, but is kinder to your skin and will last longer than general cottons.

Written by Belinda Regan for Egyption Cotton Collection


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