Colorful Bedroom Ideas

Below are some colorful bedroom ideas I’ve chosen for those who wish to brighten up their room. I realize not everyone wants a soothing calming space to  sleep in, but also not a bright loud space so I’ve carefully chosen what I would call classy colorful bedrooms that can easily be adapted.

If you are budget conscious then it’s important to choose an adaptable design. Also if you get a little bored with your color scheme you can easily revamp it with simple accessories like a new color cushion cover, pillow cases and bed spread. For example instead of the red here on this black and white background, why not have purple or green for a change. Let your mood enhance your room color.


This room speaks modern yet quite manly, so my guess is it’s a bachelors bedroom. I like the block effect though and the artwork makes it very unique. The geometric touches with solid walls bring the decor together perfectly.


This bedroom appears to have a spa feel to it thanks to the browns and blue hues. The solid mix of colors really works here, I especially love the blue that could accept a hint of bright pink for me in the form of fluffy scatter cushions to jazz it up a bit.


This timeless design has a vintage feel while still being trendy. I think it’s down to the colors, I love the green touches and the wall art with black and white bedding. Hints of classic style with modern touches really works for me in this bedroom.


Romance is in the air for the owner/owners of this romantic red bedroom. It’s rather striking but has soft touches that make it welcoming. The red wall, hint of red on the classic white bedding and wall art ooze sophisticated romance.

colorfulbedrooms5Image source:

I just love this nature inspired bedroom that has surely been created from memories of wonderful outdoor scenery. The white drapes around the bed give this bedroom a touch of regal quality, I imagine the owners of this room like high quality n everything.

colorfulbedrooms6Image source:

I wouldn’t have really chosen such a vivid color for the walls of a bedroom but I actually like it a lot. I think the secret here is that the designer chose the bed and accessories very carefully so the color on the walls wouldn’t overwhelm the rest of the room. A clever design in my opinion by Erinn Valencich.

colorfulbedrooms7Image source:

So, there you have 7 of my favorite colorful bedrooms, all totally unique and all offering  a different feel. Which one is your favorite I know which is mine.

Written exclusively for Egyptian Cotton Collection by Belinda Regan



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