Dream Bedrooms by Candice Olson

Candice Olson is the mistress of design, so here I wanted to celebrate some of her before and after dream bedrooms. I notice that in all of these fabric makes a statement which is why I particularly enjoyed writing this post and finding the great images. Our Egyptian cotton products wouldn’t look out of place here in any of these rooms….maybe she has already used some!

This dull bedroom is really just a total waste of good space. I love what Candice did here to utilize the area into a stunning bedroom to die for. This room now has a calm aura about it, where you would love to spend the day lounging around.

I love the color scheme here as it’s just timeless. The floor plan is so clever as it now incorporates a comfortable seating area with a desk giving it a luxury hotel room feel about it. Pure class with a hint of regality.

The next room is a very uninspiring man’s bedroom that is in desperate need of a revamp.

Candice chooses to go eco-friendly here by using a low-VOC paint in a lovely mid blue color. All the fabrics are organic and even the carpet is made of recyclable materials. Check out our organic bedding. This room is now very welcoming and perfect for a gent with out being too manly. I love the fact it is also Earth friendly.

The next room believe it or not belongs to extremely busy parents who obviously have not had the time or energy to turn their bedroom into a haven.

Candice must have had a field day here as there is practically no furniture and a great space to work with. She totally transformed it into a proper adult couple’s room offering solace at the end of a busy day. I love the shimmering damask bedding set and the built in storage.

Well not much to say on this room except it reminds me of  a poor studio apartment back in the 1970’s. It actually belongs to a couple in desperate need of Candice’s help.

An amazing design here from nothing to a bedroom paradise with warm panels, contemporary furniture and subtle lighting. I could quite happily spend a day or two in here with room service.

The final room has a great quirky brick wall but the plaid bedding is a bit dated and there are no real features here at all for a good size space.

Candice turned this gorgeous room into something reminiscent of a Swiss chalet. I love the fire, the old world leather chair and rug. The color scheme exudes warmth, luxury and comfort.

I hope you have been inspired by these refurbished bedrooms. It just goes to show how a dull and boring space can be brought to life with a bit of imagination and expertise. It is worth hiring an expert like Candice especially if you just don’t have the time and energy. Personally my bedroom is my haven so why not treat it like one!

By Belinda Regan for Egyptian Cotton Collection

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