Light Ideas for Beautiful Bedrooms!

There are lots of quick and easy ways to brighten up a dark bedroom with some quick and easy steps. Bed linen is usually the main focal point of the bedroom so buying something light and bright that drapes well like ivory Egyptian cotton sheets and pillow cases or bamboo linen bedding will enhance the feel of your room and instantly brighten it up. Below are some great tips on quick and easy uplifts.

If your bedroom doesn’t have a lot of natural day light then add interesting mirrors or add a large lamp as a central point. The white washed floors and pale walls also help here to capture light and reflect it around the room.

When choosing a bed frame for a darker bedroom never choose anything solid as it will block light and also crowd the room. Always go for something more delicate like the see through one below so light can move around it. For even more light don’t have a bed frame at all. This bed frame is a great choice with the pastel bed linen and pale walls as it doesn’t take over the bedroom.

To lighten up a bed room instantly invest in some shimmering bed linen in a pale shade. Below the serene grey metallic bed linen captures the light while also bringing a calming effect.

Buy mirrors and hang them near the window and the effect will be quite dramatic. The light from the mirrors will also reflect from the white bed linen and never be lost in any furniture or even the mid blue duvet cover. The white walls and floors also help to give this bedroom a lovely light fresh feel.

An interesting idea is to tile a wall with light pastel colored mosiacs or choose a reflective wall paper in a pale color. The dreamy liliac color scheme also adds to the light finish in this relaxing bedroom.

Always remember that furniture can prevent light from reflecting around any room, and that heavy curtains can also prevent this. Glass furniture, lots of mirrors, bamboo blinds, light bed linen and pale walls and floors are just some of the key ingredients to a lighter brighter bedroom.


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