Minimalistic Bedroom Design Styles!

Are you looking to turn your bedroom into a modern haven? Creating a minimalist look does not always have to mean going ultra plain or creating a cold feel, see below for some great ideas and advice .

This room design is the perfect example of minimalist style with color. The dark grey on the walls is the color of the moment and adds some drama to the cream and coral.

There is nothing simpler than black and white. Keep everything white and choose a good quality black paint for the wall behind the bed and then top off the look with some black cushions.

This elegant master bedroom has a beautiful custom made headboard and surround making the bed the real focal point. The mahogany side tables add an art deco feel giving this room an air of sophistication.

This ultra modern open plan home has a cool bedroom pit that has been transformed into a classic minimal look. If you have generous space then you don’t have to have the bed against the wall to get the most out of the design.

Choose your bedroom furniture so it compliments the floor. Also choose bedlinen that blends into the color theme for a relaxing ambiance and smart design.

In a smaller space or dark room add some reflective glass to capture any natural light. The wardrobe doors here add clean lines  and cleverly create light just as a mirror normally would.

In this room the tones are a serene grey and white forming an air of space and calmness. The dark wood furniture adds some richness while the windows offer an abundance of natural light.

This gorgeous designer bedroom looks like it should belong in a Hollywood home. The shiny white flooring picks up the light while the light wood wall and gold bedding add warmth to this generous space.

These beautiful bedrooms with a minimalistic style all have their own personality, yet they all have no clutter, a well proportioned design and quality bedlinen. Quality bed linen is what finishes off the room, so opt for 100% Egyptian cotton that will not only look good, but is kinder to your skin and will last longer than general cottons.

Written by Belinda Regan for Egyption Cotton Collection



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