Our beautiful towels are super soft yet super strong as we only stock the highest quality!

You no longer have to stay in a 5 star hotel to indulge in using luxury bathing products. Our towels are made from natural authentic cotton and 100% Egyptian cotton. They have extra long thirsty loops that instantly draw moisture away from the skin while at the same time being extremely gentle. We have an array of beautiful colors and styles to choose from so you can mix and match to the design of your bathroom. We also carry towel collections that are kind to the environment, Eco friendly, bamboo, 100% Turkish cotton and other certified organic cottons. We only carry the highest quality in our stock!

Organic – are made from 100% natural cotton untouched by pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Certified organic cotton is grown and gathered in a special way to leave the smallest possible carbon footprint.

Bamboo – usually 100% bamboo, but can be mixed with a cotton blend. Our bamboo bath towels are extremely supple, strong and color-fast. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial, and grows in abundance in a pest-free environment and makes a super absorbent towel.

Pure 100% Egyptian cotton – created using the highest quality material and are the most popular bath towels throughout the world. This special material is highly absorbent thanks to its extra long fibers, making these products the most luxurious way to dry off after your bath or shower. The humid weather and the soil of the Delta Nile is the reason why the fibers grow so long. These products will also last you a very long time if the washing instructions are followed.

Turkish cotton – Is a superior quality generally grown in the region of the Aegean and produces fluffy, super soft, strong towels. Turkish cotton towels are also very absorbent, generously thick and a bath time treat.

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