Egyptian Cotton Towels

Live with the ultimate luxury with our 900 and 600 GSM 100% Egyptian Cotton towels. Both soft and absorbent, these classic towels are available in various matching sets and available in deep dyed solid colors that will not fade after washing if the instructions are followed. You may be asking why these products are so special? Well! As we all know this fine fabric is renowned throughout the world to be luxurious and long lasting which is why superior towels were produced from this extra long staple cotton grown on the banks of the River Nile.

One of the main reasons high class hotels starting using Egyptian cotton towels was not only to impress guests but also because they are soft yet very strong. So really our towel sets are actually an investment! The fact that the loops are super long means that they are also super absorbent and very kind to the skin. I can promise you these bathing products will help you maintain soft skin as they very lightly absorb the excess moisture quickly which is vital in preventing dryness. As we offer Free Shipping in the continental U.SA, our products can be delivered direct to your door totally free of charge.

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