Romantic Bedroom Designs

Your bedroom is your individual space and so much more than just for rest. All bedroom design takes planning but  romantic bedrooms requires a certain amount of attributes. The basics are soft lighting, candles,  a comfortable, inviting bed, plump cushions and somewhere to put that all important bottle of wine.  After all bedrooms are really all about relaxing!

Most importantly you need to look after your body so use  high quality sheet sets like Egyptian cotton, as they are hypoallergenic, super soft and keep you cozy and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Another must are plump pillows.

Treat your windows with generous silk or velvet drapes. If they are a bit old fashioned for you then go for blinds made from soft material that create a black out when closed. Avoid anything made from hard materials, although black and dark materials are OK. Not all romantic bedrooms need to be frills and spills.

Treat yourselves to a nice big bed if you have the space. Try to keep your room uncluttered so only have in there what is needed. Office equipment and junk do not belong in a bedroom.

My Trick to a Romantic bedroom is to think of your five senses….

Sight – You have to create a haven here, so when you walk into your room you need to instantly relax. So great color combinations are a must. You don’t always have to go for the soft touch as I said before dark colors and splashes of bright can work too.

Smell – The smell of your room is so important, but I wouldn’t go for anything too flowery. Opt for vanilla and musky scented candles, they’ll look nice too.

Touch – Going back to bedding you need to have super soft bedding with fluffy pillows. If it’s the winter time a goose down comforter is a must to keep cozy and warm. Fluffy and sateen scatter cushions would also add a nice touch.

Hear –  For a truly romantic time you need back ground music. There’s so much mobile technology around these days and some really smart compact docking stations so there’s no need to clutter up the room.

Taste. There’s nothing nicer than taking a bottle of wine with nibbles to bed and shutting the world out for a night. Even better if it’s a special occasion champagne.

 For this type of look you could decorate in neutral shades, add a few tone on tone materials and add a touch of mettalic.

There’s lots of choice as you can see for romantic bedrooms, you just need to think of your senses!

Written by Belinda Regan for Egyptian Cotton collection.



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