Sophisticated Teen Bedrooms!

Once your teens hit the age of 16 they want a more grown up teen bedrooms where they can hang out with friends in style and not just a place to crash out. For you it is also a great idea to get involved as you can start to plan your future guest room or any other ideas you have for it once they head off to college.

Lavender and white turn this teen room into a calm space. The stylish wall design gives it a sophisticated look while blending in perfectly with the color scheme.

A pure white background with touches of black is the perfect base to welcome any bold color. For an updated fresh look change the color of your accessories every so often.

This is a stunning teen room on a budget. A great idea to add a trendy design on a limited budget is to use wall decals. They are inexpensive and come in thousands of designs that will add extra stylish detail to your room. The striped rug and yellow and Gray bed linen add maturity, so this room could easily be used as a guest room for the future.

A modern, contemporary room that loos cool, yet classy. The turquoise colors the bold head board and the unique chaise work in perfect harmony.

This room has a touch of glamour with the art decor lamps, chandelier decal and the pink cushions that finish it off. The pale green walls create a calming serene backdrop.

 Contemporary pinks and greens make this room easily transcend from early teens to late teens and then onto a classy guest room.

This twin teen room as an eclectic theme with very grown up pieces of art work giving it a grown up hotel feel. The gold wall decal, the gold based lamp and the brightly colored bed linen add a richness to the design.

Some tips before designing a teen bedroom:

Teens need storage, so lots of it is important. At the same time they can have a clear out so when they do leave home you won’t have it all to do.

Sound proofing is a great idea, so fit a sold door and be generous with carpeting. This will give you privacy and also they will have a quiet area to study in between playing their music.

Finally if they are going to be around for a while it may be a good idea to design the room like a sitting room so they can watch their T.V in peace and so can you. This will also give it a grown up feel and they will love showing it off to friends.

Remember for the ultimate in sophistication choose quality bed linen like Egyptian cotton, this linen not only looks good but feels silky soft and will last a lot longer than other general materials.



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