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Superb Quality Towels That Cares for Your Skin

Quality towels should not be based on durability alone but should also be a perfect partner on caring for your skin. 

provence towels2We use various products everyday that sometimes causes allergic reactions to our body.  An allergy is defined as a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system.  Allergy occurs when the immune system reacts to a substance that seems harmless or normal to other people.  This substance is called allergen and it commonly comes from food, drinks, or the environment.  Allergies are very common and there are many different causes why it happens.  The symptoms however may vary from being mild to severe and sometimes, life threatening.

There are many types of allergies and the most common of these types are food allergies.  This happens when a person experiences an undesirable reaction to something they ate.  Common food allergies may come from milk and other dairy products, seafood, nuts, and wheat.

Seasonal allergies may also happen in places that experiences four seasons.  The common causes of seasonal allergy are pollens from flowers that fill the air especially during summer and spring.  Another type of common allergy is allergy to pets such as dogs, cats, and birds.

Other commonly known allergies are allergies to insect stings, mold allergy, pollen allergy, cosmetic allergy, nickel or metal allergies wherein the individual involved cannot wear any kind of metal jewelry.  We also have what we call drug allergy or aspirin allergy and allergy that come from plants such as oak, and poison ivy.

When a person is exposed to an allergen, the initial reactions are skin redness, itchiness, and swelling.  Some individual experiences sneezing, difficulty in breathing and in severe cases even vomiting.  While some symptoms may appear harmless,    it is always best to get the proper medical help to prevent further complications.

One of the most commonly ignored types of allergy is allergy to towels and linens.  Towels, (including bathrobes and linens) are mostly made of materials that come from nature.   However, there are a lot of chemicals involved in processing and producing towels.  Some of these chemicals may become causes of allergic reactions which is why it is important to choose a brand of towel that uses organic materials that has natural abilities to absorb moisture without the use of too much chemicals.

High Quality Cotton TowelEgyptian Cotton Collections offers the best varieties of towels and linens that are made from organics material such as 100% Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, and bamboo.  Egyptian cotton is made from a cotton plant called Gossypium.  Egyptian cotton fibers are breathable and it becomes softer over time.  Compared to other cottons, it has a longer and narrower fiber, a lighter weight, and most importantly extremely strong.  Towels made of Egyptian cotton are long lasting and durable.

Egyptian Cotton Collection offers an array of selection of different sizes, colors, and styles that would definitely suit your needs.  With Egyptian Cotton Collection, you not only get a superb quality product, you can also be assured that you will not get allergic reaction to any of the material used in producing these products.

For more information on these amazing line of towels and linens, you can also visit Egyptian Cotton Collection.


Our Cotton Towels

Our beautiful cotton towels are super soft yet super strong as we only stock the  highest quality!

Luxury natural 100% cotton towel collections.
You no longer have to stay in a  5 star hotel to indulge in using luxury towels. Our towels and towel sets are made from natural authentic cotton and 100% Egyptian cotton. These towels have extra long thirsty loops that instantly draw moisture away from the skin while at the same time stroking it gently. We have an array of beautiful colors and styles to choose from so you can match the design of your bathroom. We also carry towel collections that are kind to the environment, Eco friendly, bamboo, 100% Turkish cotton and other certified organic cotton. We only carry the highest quality towels in our stock!

Organic towels – are made from 100% natural cotton untouched by pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Certified organic cotton is grown and gathered in a special way to leave the smallest possible carbon footprint. The towels are also produced in the same Eco friendly manner.

Bamboo towels – usually 100% bamboo, but can be mixed with a cotton blend. Our bamboo bath towels are extremely supple, strong and color-fast. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial,  and grows in abundance in a pest-free environment and makes a super absorbent towel.

Egyptian cotton towels – created using the highest quality cotton and are the most popular type of bath towels. Egyptian cotton is highly absorbent thanks to its extra long fibers, making these towels the most luxurious way to dry off after your bath or shower. Egyptian cotton towels will also last you a very long time if the washing instructions are followed. The humid weather and the soil of the Delta Nile is the reason why the fibers grow so long.

Turkish cotton towels – are made of high quality cotton similar to Egyptian cotton. This cotton is generally grown in the region of the Aegean and produces fluffy, super soft, strong towels. As with Egyptian, Turkish cotton towels are very absorbent, generously thick and a bath time treat.

Turkey and Egypt have made their names closely associated in creating deluxe products. Since they are considered more luxurious than any other they are more expensive, but their durability and smooth textures make them worthy of their price.
These pure natural materials offer you a healthier lifestyle while adding a touch of luxury to your bathing.  As these towels are so pure and natural they are perfect for those with sensitive skin, allergies or anyone who wishes to help the environment on a daily basis.

It is not long ago that these products were only affordable by the wealthy but today you and your family can enjoy a bit of luxury in your home even on a budget. These sets also make great gifts for weddings, engagements, and anniversaries and with bathrobes, rugs and mats available you can create the perfect package. Or why not treat someone to our gift vouchers where they can browse our site at their leisure and choose whatever they like. If it is your first order don’t forget to use the 10% discount voucher on offer!

With free shipping in the continental U.S.A you can have them delivered straight to your door. All our products can be returned but must be in the original packaging. Please see our shipping and returns policy on our home page.


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