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Blow out End of Summer Sale – FREE Shipping

If you go to our sales page you will see we have some fantastic offers on at the moment in our End of Summer sale.

As it’s coming into Fall and we begin thinking of the cold we thought it would be a great idea to offer some of our  luxury bedding at affordable prices.

Our 9 PCE Sara Bed in a bag has the whole package while also looking great. The 9 pieces include duvet cover set, completed with two coordinated pillow shams, one bed skirt, a down alternative comforter with a 300 thread count cover, two decorative cushions and two  European shams. There is a saving on this set of $199.99 as it’s in our sale for just $200.00 while stocks last. Go here for more details.

Our top sellers 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets are on offer for just $199.99 with a saving of $50 per set. There are limited colors and only a few left in each color so you need to be quick to catch this offer.

These sheets are the ultimate in Egyptian cotton sets and keep you warm and snug in the cold weather and equally cool in the warm. They will be with you a very long time if you adhere to the washing instructions. We class them as investment bedding as they improve in time.

You can either choose luxury striped sets or beautiful bold colors in a variety of colors. Just remember to always wash this amazing fabric in cool water and mild detergent. Never ever use bleach and always pull out of the dryer just before the cycle ends.  A good night’s sleep really is the tonic for a good days work. There is no need to put up with lower class general cottons when we are making it easy for you to afford this luxury bedding.

If you go to our home page you will see a further 20% off if you sign up to our weekly newsletter usually a  great promotion. You can be first to see what’s on offer and take advantage of our specials.

Written exclusively for Egyptian Cotton Collection by Belinda Regan.


Romantic Bedroom Designs

Your bedroom is your individual space and so much more than just for rest. All bedroom design takes planning but  romantic bedrooms requires a certain amount of attributes. The basics are soft lighting, candles,  a comfortable, inviting bed, plump cushions and somewhere to put that all important bottle of wine.  After all bedrooms are really all about relaxing!

Most importantly you need to look after your body so use  high quality sheet sets like Egyptian cotton, as they are hypoallergenic, super soft and keep you cozy and warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Another must are plump pillows.

Treat your windows with generous silk or velvet drapes. If they are a bit old fashioned for you then go for blinds made from soft material that create a black out when closed. Avoid anything made from hard materials, although black and dark materials are OK. Not all romantic bedrooms need to be frills and spills.

Treat yourselves to a nice big bed if you have the space. Try to keep your room uncluttered so only have in there what is needed. Office equipment and junk do not belong in a bedroom.

My Trick to a Romantic bedroom is to think of your five senses….

Sight – You have to create a haven here, so when you walk into your room you need to instantly relax. So great color combinations are a must. You don’t always have to go for the soft touch as I said before dark colors and splashes of bright can work too.

Smell – The smell of your room is so important, but I wouldn’t go for anything too flowery. Opt for vanilla and musky scented candles, they’ll look nice too.

Touch – Going back to bedding you need to have super soft bedding with fluffy pillows. If it’s the winter time a goose down comforter is a must to keep cozy and warm. Fluffy and sateen scatter cushions would also add a nice touch.

Hear –  For a truly romantic time you need back ground music. There’s so much mobile technology around these days and some really smart compact docking stations so there’s no need to clutter up the room.

Taste. There’s nothing nicer than taking a bottle of wine with nibbles to bed and shutting the world out for a night. Even better if it’s a special occasion champagne.

 For this type of look you could decorate in neutral shades, add a few tone on tone materials and add a touch of mettalic.

There’s lots of choice as you can see for romantic bedrooms, you just need to think of your senses!

Written by Belinda Regan for Egyptian Cotton collection.



Our Superior Egyptian Cotton Sheets!

Our 1500 (in our spring sale now), 1200 and 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets are the ultimate in luxury sleeping. These high thread count sheets will give you the most wonderful sleeping experience while also turning your bedroom into an elegant haven. The finish is superb craftsmanship and the fitted sheets have super deep pockets of 18 inches for that extra snug fit. Both our solid and striped sets include a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillowcases and are available in an array of beautiful colors. While offering you the highest level of comfort 1500, 1200 and 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton will also last you a very long time as they can be machine washed and improve in softness after each cycle. Pure Egyptian cotton sheets are also hypoallergenic so perfect for anyone who has skin problems or suffers from skin allergies.

These popular high thread count sheets are celebrated also for their super soft feel and durability. Our sheet sets are value for money and we will ship them free of charge, to any address in the continental USA. Remember that Egyptian cotton products last a very long time if the washing instructions are adhered to, so in fact they are an investment! Why waste hard earned money on lower quality bedding that will have to be replaced after a short time!

 Kinder to your skin, kinder to your purse and kinder to your sleep!

 Sheet style: Luxury sheets

 Set includes: One flat sheet, one fitted sheet and two pillowcases

 Pattern: Solid or Striped

 Fitted sheet pocket depth: 18 inches

 Material: 100% Egyptian cotton

Washing instructions: Machine washable on a cool cycle and tumble dry on a light setting removing the sheets promptly at the end. Never use chlorinated bleach on Egyptian cotton! Also if you prefer to use a press then never use a hot temperature.

written by Belinda Regan

Bedroom Designs in Blue and White!

Have you ever thought the colors blue and white could create beautiful bedroom designs. If you want to create a bedroom design that’s invigorating when you wake up but calming when you want to chill out or go to sleep? Blue’s are the perfect choice, and with the right accessories and tones you’ll love it!

It’s a great idea to mix your blue shades against a white background.You could also change accessories like cushions and throws easily to give it an instant lift. The blue blinds will bring a lovely calming hue in this room for chill out time.

Pure white against a deep navy looks fabulous and crisp. This color combination could work well with a contemporary or traditional bedroom design. We particularly love the painted for poster bed, very chic!

We adore this room, it looks so inviting! The lovely blue shades make it look modern, but the pretty chaise gives this bedroom design a hint of the traditional. It’s not totally white on the walls but the subtle pattern works well.

This modern bedroom design looks great with the blue square panel finishing it off! It works great with the bed style and the contemporary style furniture.

This design is great for a room with out much space. The glazed sliding wardrobes will save on important space and also reflect light. A thin framed mirror on the wall may be a good idea here also. Again quite a contemporary room but with accessories could easy by changed.

Lovely inviting bedroom design with pale blue and calming neutral tones. Choosing a color scheme in a traditional style bedroom is a careful process because you don’t want to move away from the period look. Blues are naturally calming but can seem quite cool unless mixed with the right partners to make it more relaxing. The combination here works perfectly.

Blue and white will always look fresh and clean. Add some natural foliage, wood and natural textures and it will be your haven! When thing of a bedroom design remember to always invest in good quality bedding like Egyptian cotton to finish it off. Even if you are on a budget investing in quality bedding will always make your bedroom design look even better.

Our Cotton Towels

Our beautiful cotton towels are super soft yet super strong as we only stock the  highest quality!

Luxury natural 100% cotton towel collections.
You no longer have to stay in a  5 star hotel to indulge in using luxury towels. Our towels and towel sets are made from natural authentic cotton and 100% Egyptian cotton. These towels have extra long thirsty loops that instantly draw moisture away from the skin while at the same time stroking it gently. We have an array of beautiful colors and styles to choose from so you can match the design of your bathroom. We also carry towel collections that are kind to the environment, Eco friendly, bamboo, 100% Turkish cotton and other certified organic cotton. We only carry the highest quality towels in our stock!

Organic towels – are made from 100% natural cotton untouched by pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Certified organic cotton is grown and gathered in a special way to leave the smallest possible carbon footprint. The towels are also produced in the same Eco friendly manner.

Bamboo towels – usually 100% bamboo, but can be mixed with a cotton blend. Our bamboo bath towels are extremely supple, strong and color-fast. Bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial,  and grows in abundance in a pest-free environment and makes a super absorbent towel.

Egyptian cotton towels – created using the highest quality cotton and are the most popular type of bath towels. Egyptian cotton is highly absorbent thanks to its extra long fibers, making these towels the most luxurious way to dry off after your bath or shower. Egyptian cotton towels will also last you a very long time if the washing instructions are followed. The humid weather and the soil of the Delta Nile is the reason why the fibers grow so long.

Turkish cotton towels – are made of high quality cotton similar to Egyptian cotton. This cotton is generally grown in the region of the Aegean and produces fluffy, super soft, strong towels. As with Egyptian, Turkish cotton towels are very absorbent, generously thick and a bath time treat.

Turkey and Egypt have made their names closely associated in creating deluxe products. Since they are considered more luxurious than any other they are more expensive, but their durability and smooth textures make them worthy of their price.
These pure natural materials offer you a healthier lifestyle while adding a touch of luxury to your bathing.  As these towels are so pure and natural they are perfect for those with sensitive skin, allergies or anyone who wishes to help the environment on a daily basis.

It is not long ago that these products were only affordable by the wealthy but today you and your family can enjoy a bit of luxury in your home even on a budget. These sets also make great gifts for weddings, engagements, and anniversaries and with bathrobes, rugs and mats available you can create the perfect package. Or why not treat someone to our gift vouchers where they can browse our site at their leisure and choose whatever they like. If it is your first order don’t forget to use the 10% discount voucher on offer!

With free shipping in the continental U.S.A you can have them delivered straight to your door. All our products can be returned but must be in the original packaging. Please see our shipping and returns policy on our home page.


Sleep Easy in High Quality Sheets!

It is a well known fact that we need a good nights sleep to feel good and function well the next day. Egyptian cotton sheets can help here as a good sleep is down to your bed linen and your bed. Your bed is normally a purchase you make for a long time, however sheets are normally thought of as a necessity so usually people don’t put too much thought into them. Most people choose sheets by color and size with out even checking thread count and materials. By selecting quality sheets like Egyptian cotton you will not only enjoy your sleep but you will have long lasting

Apart from the obvious Egyptian cotton is actually very resilient and if looked after properly it will last you a long time. Many low quality sheets fall apart after several washes or become itchy to the skin, this is because the fibers are weak and begin to break. It is known for its super long fibers that is why it is such high quality cloth. Many hotels and 5 star resorts only ever use sheets derived from Egyptian cotton to ensure their guests total comfort. So why not have them at home everyday?

Egyptian cotton is also hypoallergenic so you breath easy and enhance your natural sleep. At Egyptian Cotton Collection we sell a wide range of sheets and pillowcases with thread counts from 300 through to 1500 in a variety of colors and the ever popular pure white. They also make beautiful gifts for couples getting engaged or married or for a new arrival. There is no other way to ensure baby has a good nights sleep than wrapped in this special cotton. These linens are now popular amongst those who prefer a more temporary bedroom design and not just the traditional styles, as our sheets look so crisp and sharp, yet still look inviting.

Once you try them you will never go back to any other material!

Bedroom Design

Your bedroom design has to be thought through carefully as it’s more than somewhere just to lay your head, it is a personal haven that needs furnishing carefully. Below are some great bedroom design ideas for those of you thinking of revamping your bedroom or designing from scratch.

The first points in bedroom design are to add character with furniture but don’t over crowd it, create warmth and depth with luxury bedding, drapes and cushions and invest in a good quality mattress. Start by drawing your bedroom with several different versions of your new bedroom ideas, like moving furniture around until something clicks for you.

Choosing a color scheme is probably the most important point in bedroom design as this will effect light and space also. Bright colors are associated with fun, also they can also update a room and add warmth to a cold room. Serene greens and soft blues add a natural calming effect to a bedroom but don’t really give it much energy, so add a bright shade on one wall or use printed wallpaper.

Totally white bedroom design is a definite no as it is too clinical and unwelcoming. White always needs some neutrals for a relaxing ambiance, or something bold like red for a more contemporary bedroom design. Yellow can instantly lift a bedroom but be careful on the tone as bright yellow tends to be too overpowering, especially in well lit bedrooms.

Your bed is the main focal point so you’ll need to dress it accordingly. Investing in quality bedding like Egyptian cotton is the best idea. Apart from it always looking good, it improves with each wash so it will last you longer. Storage is a major problem in bedroom design so try to slim down your wardrobes and buy an ottoman for the end of your bed, they look great and have loads of storage space.

We hope you have enjoyed our bedroom design tips, and gained a little inspiration! Revamping a bedroom doesn’t have to cost a fortune but investing in a good mattress and bedding is a must.


Why Egyptian Cotton is So Special!

Over the last two hundred years Egyptian cotton has become one of Egypt’s main exports and has had a huge impact on Egypt’s economy. Egyptian cotton has developed a reputation of being the highest quality cotton thanks to its super soft feel, its durability and reputation for being favored by the rich and exclusive hotels and resorts.

The reason behind why Egypt’s cotton is the best is because of its super long yarn, its strength and its high absorbency to color dye. Egyptian cotton is highly resistant to stress, has deeper coloring and because the fibers are measured carefully per square inch the material is of the highest quality. The super soft feel will continue to get softer and softer with each wash, so it is actually an investment.

Egyptian cotton is not commercially farmed it is hand picked by professionals who’s ancestors probably taught them. By hand picking the cotton it remains unharmed and intact in its natural state. All these facts alongside the fact it grows on the lush banks of the river Nile have allowed this cotton to become a world trade mark of excellence.

It’s not down to thread count with cotton it is down to quality! Egyptian cotton has gained its superior status through its natural quality and durability. That is why it is used to create the most luxurious bedding! This cotton has more threads per inch which means the material is stronger, softer and will last for years if properly laundered.

When you first buy Egyptian cotton it may feel quite hard, but with every wash it will get softer and softer. Just like a fine wine it ages well. Once you slip into those sheets whether it’s winter or summer you will never go back to general cotton.

Egyptian cotton is kinder to your skin as it is hypoallergenic and even those with the most sensitive skin will notice the difference almost immediately. There are a lot of companies who claim to sell cotton rich products that are equal to Egyptian cotton, so always check the label. Here at Egyptian Cotton Collection we pride ourselves in our real cotton products only from Egypt.

It’s wonderful to help ancient traditions continue like the farming of Egyptian cotton, especially when they are so special!


About Egyptian Cotton Collection!

Here at Egyptian Cotton Collection we have made it so easy for to buy Egyptian cotton products online, and delivered direct to your home or office. Egyptian cotton can be a bit confusing with all the different thread counts so we have organized our products into thread count categories to make it easy for you. The thread count determines the level of quality in Egyptian cotton as it is measured by the number of threads in the weft and the warp (width and length). General cotton can be as little as 150 while our bed in a bag sets start from 300 including a luxury 300 thread count alternative down comforter, and our superior Egyptian cotton sheets are available from 400 to 1500. This luxurious Egyptian cotton bedding range can now be part of your lifestyle from as little as $62.99 for a full sheet set and delivered free to you in the U.S. Be aware of advertisers that claim their Egyptian cotton bedding is the real deal, as many use gossamer to create a high thread count where we only use the finest extra long staple organic cotton grown on the banks of the Nile. We recognize quality and only use the finest quality in our collections. When it comes to design we have 100’s to choose from whether you have a contemporary style home, a more traditional home and we even have crib and children’s collections, so your little ones can sleep easy in natural, soft, hypo-allergenic bed linen. Our products are all made to guarantee a snug fit. Our fitted sheets all have extra deep pockets to fit deep mattresses, and elastic all around the edge, our flat sheets have double stitching on the finish that looks classy, and even our pillow shams have extra material on the flaps to ensure your pillow stays in place.

The design team we work with are renowned for creating sophisticated designs and colors and some are reversible, so you can change the look of your room in minutes. Not only do we stock Egyptian cotton bedding but also luxury towels that absorb moisture quicker than any other material, a variety of bathrobes and also bed wear and like all Egyptian cotton it will get softer after each wash and last you a long time. It is not long ago that Egyptian cotton was only affordable by the wealthy but today you and your family can enjoy a bit of luxury in your home even on a budget.


Egyptian Cotton Clearance Sale!

Don’t miss out on these elegant products in our clearance sale. Take advantage and buy those presents for future anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, or engagements. Egyptian cotton products make perfect luxury gifts from sheets sets to luxurious comforters that will be enjoyed for a long time.  On all our products we offer you free shipping anywhere in the continental U.S.A

Slip into these 100% Egyptian cotton silky soft 300 thread count striped sheets with a solid color hem line. This classy Tuxedo striped design will suit any color scheme and add a touch of elegance to your bedroom, just like in high class hotel suites.

Sets include a flat sheet, one fitted sheet with elastic all around the edge that fits a mattress up to 18″ deep and two pillowcases.

Before $140, now only $70 – save 50%!

These 100% Egyptian cotton beautiful 600 thread count sheets have a striped design and come in a variety of colors. Being 600 thread count they are softer than the 300’s, as in 100% Egyptian cotton the higher the thread count the softer and more luxurious are the products.  Each set comprises a flitted sheet with extra deep pockets and all round elastic, a flat sheet and two pillowcases.

Before $46.72, now $39.99 – save 14%!

Beautifully designed in a variety of colors are the Swiss Dot and the Windowpane patterned 600 thread count sheets. Both are 100% high quality Egyptian cotton and have been woven with the finest, extra long yarns that offer a superior level of comfort and style.

Both designs offer a contemporary edge and each set has a fitted sheet with extra deep pockets and elastic all the way round, a flat sheet and two pillow cases.

Swiss dot sheets sets (left) only $39.99 and the windowpane sets (right) just $49.99!

Our 900 thread count all seasons white alternative down comforter has a fill of hypoallergenic white goose down, double needle stitching and a chic baffle box pattern with piped edging. These comforters are offered with a fill of up to 60 ounces.

Before $279, now $89.99 – save 68%! Air dry imported!

Egyptian cotton products are renowned for their high quality and durability, and if you follow the washing instructions your Egyptian cotton will keep improving with every wash. Only wash your products on a cool or mild gentle cycle, and use mild detergent. You can tumble dry on a low cycle but remove your products as soon as the cycle finishes or a little before. Never wash any Egyptian cotton on a hot temperature!

Please note we only use single ply in our products at Egyptian Cotton Collection to ensure you we only sell the best.

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