Trendy Bedroom Ideas for Boys!

When it comes to designing and decorating your boys room you have to account for all his things that will go in it. Even though their bedroom is initially a place to sleep they will want to use it as their very own social hang out, play area, and a place to escape the adults. Below are some ideas we hope will inspire you!

A the moment he may love the Simpsons or some super hero but in a couple of months time who will he love then? If you want to design his room with a theme then make it easy to change. Here the dinosaur bedlinen blends perfectly with the painted footprint behind the head board and can easily be changed and the footprint painted over.

Children in general are messy, but boys maybe a little more so as they enjoy getting all their toys out a once so they can choose what ever they want at the time.  A good idea is to let them have a corner of their room with a boundary to do what they like which also doubles up as the playroom. Aim to buy practical furniture that doubles up as storage so their toys can be easily hidden away.

Boys usually go mad for bunk beds once they get passed about 6 years old so they can have their buddies for sleepovers. This can be a good idea as choosing a high sleeper can create space underneath so you are saving on floor space. We love this one below that has a futon style bed that doubles as a chair.

If your boys room is quite dark then opt for a light color theme. There are plenty of choices of furniture that can be easily wiped down and also nylon and wool mixed carpets that are easy to keep clean like the one below . The blue here on the walls is actually soothing, but it is very easy for blue shades to make a room look cold, so take samples and try them out first. If you can’t find the right blue then try a warm shade of yellow that will capture natural light and create a warm sunny ambiance.

Why not get your boy into a creative mood, and let him make his own wall art. Here the pictures hanging on the wall represent the theme of the room. If you have the budget you could even frame some! This also lets him have his own stamp on his room design!

Once your boy starts growing up then you’ll need to get him some more storage and study space, plus he’ll have loads of DVD’s and music. Storage combo’s like this one only take up one wall so it frees up lots of floor space. The lovely rich royal blue color against the white adds a touch of sophistication.

Boys bedrooms don’t have to be all about cars or sports, with a little imagination and good planning you can create the ideal design that he’ll love and be proud to show his friends.

Top tips:

Plan ahead for around 3 to 4 years.

Generous storage is a must and it will encourage them to put things away.

Give the room a theme that is easy to change.

Choose furniture that will wipe down and easy to clean flooring.


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