What is so Special about Egyptian Cotton

The cotton from Egypt has become one of Egypt’s most famous main exports over the last two centuries and has made a great impact on the economy overall. This beautiful natural cotton is classed as the highest quality material as it is extremely soft yet very durable. In the beginning Egyptian cotton was usually only found in wealthy residences, Royal homes, 5* hotels and high class resorts where as now it has become increasingly popular for all and more accessible thanks to the internet.

The main reason behind its high quality is because it grows a considerable unusual length thanks to the conditions on the banks of the River Nile and the humid weather. After weaving the fabric is extremely strong and it absorbs color dyes like no other material so the result is solid deep color. For every square inch of fabric the cotton fibers are meticulously counted to establish the thread count. Other materials can boast high thread counts but they will not be as strong and will not last as long.

The farming of the crops is also an important factor as there are no artificial pesticides used and no damaging machinery. The ancestors of these farmers hand picked the cotton and transferred their skills to their younger generations who continue this method today. These professional farmers carefully select the pods with total care and attention to ensure they stay in perfect condition.

This wonderful tradition has made Egyptian cotton a world wide trademark as it has been turned into the most luxurious bedding, clothing and towels. Thanks to the organic farming this unique material is also good for you as it is hypoallergenic. As this cotton has the most natural threads per every square inch of fabric it is wonderfully smooth and if washed according to the instructions it will improve in condition and not become course or rough as other materials do.

These are just a few factors of why this beautiful material is so special, but most of all it’s just so nice to sleep in!

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